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Help keep your child safe with your kIDpack and Shoe Numbers stickers.

You can read a little more about why kIDpacks are so important, here – but if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.





Number of packs

In the event of an emergency, every second counts, and being able to provide accurate information to the police is crucial. So be prepared and keep an accurate record of your child’s information in a safe place.
With your kIDpack you can educate your child in an informed, non-fear based way and compile all the critical information the police would need, should they child ever go missing.

The pack contains:

  • A booklet to document your child’s allergies and medication, blood type, height, weight, hair and eye colour, hobbies, interests and more
  • A chart to denote any unique or distinguishing physical features
  • A fingerprint chart along with a safe, non-toxic ink strip
  • Comprehensive safety tips
  • Two Shoe Numbers stickers for emergency contact telephone numbers
  • A plastic A6 pouch to safely store all the information



Local Kids Safety kIDpack


Shoe numbers

Local Kids Safety Shoe Numbers

Number of shoe stickers

Children can easily forget phone numbers in a panic. Our Shoe Numbers stickers give you peace of mind that you can be contacted should your child ever go missing. All they need to do is show their shoe to someone in uniform, like a police officer or a member of staff.

We’ve designed them to not be felt by the wearer, so they won’t cause any discomfort.

Improve safety in three simple steps

1. Fill in the names and phone numbers of parents or guardians

2. Peel off the backing and attach to the inside of your child’s shoe

3. Cover with the protective film provided