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Child Safety Tips

Some top tips to keep your child safe

Child safety tips

  1. When discussing personal safety with your child, do not try to scare them. You do not want your child to be fearful of the outside world, just cautious. They should be alert to danger and realise when something is not right about a situation.
  2. Encourage honesty between yourself and your child. Your child should know not to keep secrets from you and be able to tell you if something or someone is bothering them.
  3. Let your child know about physical boundaries. No one has the right to touch them inappropriately, and they should know what to do in such a situation. They should also know that they will never be in trouble if that ever happens and they tell someone about it.
  4. Let your child know about “stranger danger”. A stranger looks just a like anyone else, a man or a woman, and they should know never to help someone look for a lost dog, accept money or sweets from a stranger. Adults do not ask children for help, nor do they threaten them. If ever they are grabbed by a stranger, shout “THIS IS NOT MY MUM/DAD” to attract attention.
  5. Establish a code-word with your child. A word that would only be known by a trusted adult, so if they are ever approached by someone claiming to be a family friend they should ask for the codeword. If the codeword is not given, your child should run away as fast as possible.
  6. Do not put your child’s name on any clothing or other personal items. This could be used by a potential abductor to gain their trust.
  7. Give your child clear instructions what to do if they get lost in a busy place such as a supermarket or theme park. Tell them to look for the information desk or approach someone in a uniform like a security guard, say they are lost and are looking for their parent. Make sure your child knows your full name and if they can remember, your mobile number. Alternatively get them to show their ‘Shoe Numbers’ sticker.
  8. Try to stay with their friends and not to wander off on their own. Never get too close to a stranger in a car, always stay a distance away so they cannot be grabbed.
  9. Never give out your personal information to anyone you meet online. Do not send anyone your picture without speaking to your parents beforehand.
  10. Tell your children that they should ALWAYS let you know beforehand if they are going into a friend’s house. They should know to always check with you that it is ok.
  11. Attach the Shoe Numbers sticker to the inside of their shoe, and ensure the child knows what to do in a situation if they become separated from you, i.e. show someone their shoe.
  12. Always keep your kIDpack in a safe, clean, easily accessible place, and remember to update it annually in line with your child’s growth.


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